Patricia Colombraro and Seth Kamowitz

September 2, 2015 – September 26, 2015

Reception: Saturday, September 12, 5-7pm

[column col=”1/2″][message_box title=”Patricia Colombraro” color=”white “] PC_What Lies beneath

In “What Lies Beneath,” Patricia Colombraro examines the veil of time that we cannot see, but we can feel move past us. Like a child playing hide and seek, the past may be hidden, but reveals itself in fleeting moments. We cling to faded memories to retain the relationships that remain strong within our hearts.[/message_box][/column]

[column col=”1/2″][message_box title=”Seth Kalmowitz” color=”white “] SK Tech 19

In “Tech 19,” Seth Kalmowitz uses abstraction to examine the mechanical technology from the 20th century. He relates to the forms rather than the functions of the machinery, and where others may see old rusty metal, he concentrates on the aesthetics of design.   His desire to seek out more of the art related to the mechanical engineering of this period became a two-year project photographing machinery at various sites across the United States.


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