Aronda Xystris - "DRAG GALS"

“DRAG GALS” is a collection of images taken in the community of Cherry Grove, Fire Island, NY. June, and especially July, and August, are times perfect for people watching, with the yearly historical event, the Independence Day Invasion and Parade, the crème de la crème of creativity and excitement, its culminating point. Nowhere else can one experience the majestic merriment of dozens of drag queens, in their self-made costumes, dressed up to “invade” the Pines, the Fire Island community to the West, in protest of the 1976 discrimination of a drag queen. A water taxi carrying several drag queens in full regalia responded with the first “Invasion,“ and it has been a consummate event, witnessed by droves of party goers who descend to the Grove each year on July 4th for fun and frolic.

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