Dennis E. Gai

I enjoy both black and white and color photography and am always surprised at the different stories and feelings that come from the same image shown in B/W and color. I am drawn to photos that have “depth”, that make you look into a distant (or small) part of the image…like looking down a long dirt path lined with trees. Images from nature always exceed my imagination and photography gives me a way to express its wonder where written language is inadequate to describe what we see. Abstract photography is the opposite – here we’re not sure what we see, so we can use language to interpret and explain what we don’t understand. I prefer large prints and matt and frame my images myself. I believe the combination of print, matt, and frame provides a better understanding of the printed image and forms a more complete work of art.

Dennis has had a lifelong interest in photography. I past years he focused mostly on black and white nature images with Ansel Adams work in mind. His image processing and printing has gone from the classic “kitchen sink” enlarging/printing to the computer digital image manipulation of today. Dennis’ work today reflects both the abstract world and the absolute world of nature. He has exhibited at the BJ Spoke Gallery and is a current member of the Fotofoto Gallery in Huntington Village. Dennis is a long time educator and retired College Dean and College AVP with a degree in Mathematics and an MBA in Corporate Finance. He is a former Deputy Mayor and Police Commissioner for Huntington Bay.