Camille Goldner

Camille was born in Brooklyn, N.Y., after moving many times, she finally settled on Long Island. She developed a passion for photography at the young age of 17 and it has evolved over time. 

Subjects such as the moon, and various travel destinations provided for a wonderful and endless supply of photos. She has captured many images, big and small in her photographs, “freezing” moments and framing them for lasting enjoyment.

During her travels, she is often found photographing objects that might look like everyday things such as vintage cannon balls, a pile of logs, or even a man cutting fruit. Those have become some of her most cherished photographs. She takes advantage of every object, and if it looks special to her eye, she captures it in a photograph. 

After graduating from Long Island University with a M.A. in Education Camille worked in a local Elementary School, teaching kindergarten and English to non-English speakers. She returned to school in 2019, earning the title of Interior Designer. Camille is a mother of two amazing boys and mom of a Chocolate Lab and a tortoise.