John Cino - Sculpture

I first saw Pamela’s photos of vegetal forms and admired their sense of rhythm and movement.  After seeing some architectural pieces, I was surprised at how she could capture the same sense in other subjects.  As I become more familiar with her work their sense of ‘objectness’ called out to me, through contrast of light and dark along with rhythm and movement, the work takes on a dimensionality which makes me think of sculpture. I was honored to be invited and am so very pleased to be exhibiting my work alongside these remarkable photographs.


Pamela Waldroup - Photography

Part of what attracts me to John’s beautiful sculpture is his deeply personal connection to his chosen materials and nature. I experience the rhythmic ebb and flow in his work much like the meditative involvement I feel when creating my photographs. The contour lines and dark values created by crisp edges juxtaposed against deep recesses and open spaces in John’s pieces create a sense of dancing delicacy and solid foundation simultaneously. The sense of volume and movement in his exquisite sculpture invites me to linger to absorb the details. This speaks to me in the same voice I hear when pushing the boundaries of black and white photography. Someone recently asked if my images are photographs of John’s pieces. While they are not, I am deeply touched that the connection I felt that prompted me to invite John to share his work with mine in this exhibition is self-evident. I am very proud to be exhibiting our work together in “Sympathetic Sensibilities.” 

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