Barry Feuerstein

Barry Feuerstein’s path as an artist has followed an evolutionary process of creating and refining paintings and photographs. This journey parallels the evolution of the history of art for over 30,000 years, from early cave paintings through the major periods of Medieval, Renaissance, Impressionist, Cubist, and Abstract Expressionism, up to modern Contemporary Eclecticism. A common thread of primitive/modern concepts runs throughout his work. On a basic level the nature of Abstract Art consists of the color, texture, form and the interpretation of civilization’s collective experience, from prehistoric times up through the modern era.

His newest series are inspired by the themes of the universe, particle physics, mathematical principles, such as the Golden Section and Fibonacci Symbols, and Global Warming.

In the photographs he utilizes the concept and techniques of honing in on nature or the subject to enter into an imaginary, mysterious universe.

Barry Feuerstein has an MFA from City University of New York.

He has exhibited at PS 1, The Drawing Center, Guild Hall and Islip Art Museum.

A solo exhibit of Mr. Feuerstein’s work has been reviewed in the New York Times

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