FotoFoto Welcomes New Members

FotoFoto is pleased to introduce you to our newest members.

Congratulations and welcome to Andrea M. Gordon and  Harold Naideau

You can view their portfolios and bios by going to the “Artists” page on our website.



3 thoughts on “FotoFoto Welcomes New Members”

  1. Thanks Holly, Richard and everyone at the gallery on the portfolio review committee.
    I am looking forward to my interaction with the photographers who are members of this community and I am especially looking forward to participating and exhibiting in upcoming shows.
    Thanks again and see ya’ there!~

  2. Andrea M. Gordon

    Thank you Holly for your welcoming wishes-I can tell the future and I know it will
    be wonderful hanging out with you and your wisdom! I will be with you tomorrow.
    Harold-wonderful meeting you and look forward to more enlightening discussions!

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