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Wanderings: Photography by Tom D’Emic
December 14, – January 6th,2024
Reception: Saturday, December 16, 5-7pm

Artist Statement
The photographs I am presenting are not bold nor are they dramatic. The subjects that call to me might be a tree trunk, a simple weed or maybe a creek at low tide. They are of the ordinary and the quiet things that one can encounter while one is in a natural area. While wandering with my tripod and camera, I try to assume a passive role and let the subjects call out to me. It then becomes my task to put the subject in context with its surroundings and find a way to convey my feelings about what I am photographing.

The paper that I have printed this work on plays a major role in my ability to meet my goal of conveying the soft and subtle beauty of what was photographed. I used Washi Kozo paper which is made from Mulberry bark. When one looks closely at this paper one will see pieces of Mulberry bark swirling around in the paper

Artist Bio

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Growing up, I spent my summers in Greenport, NY. It was there that I started connecting to the natural world. Later in life, this connection explains the direction my photography has taken. When I finished my education, I taught science to children in grades pre-k to grade five in Bushwick, NY for the next thirty-eight years. Upon retiring, I finally decided to do something I always wanted to do. I started making photographs.

For the past twelve years I have been honing my photographic skills. I consider myself primarily a landscape photographer. However, I also enjoy photographing other subjects that are unrelated to the landscape. I want my photography to be a work in progress. I find it exciting that my work is still evolving