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Andrea M. Gordon - Spherical Magic

Artists Exhibition Dates: June 3 – June 26, 2021
Artists’ Reception: Sunday, June 13th from 1-5PM 

Artist Statement
I wish to welcome you to my first post pandemic exhibit, “Spherical Magic,” where color, shape, reflection and illusionary form merge into a cascade of splendor. The pandemic closed my world immensely…and then a collection of spherical pieces of glass opened up a universe of possibility and wonder. I thought I was going to revisit my marble series from the past for this exhibit. However, due to some educational speed bumps I decided to shoot a different marble series. After this decision, I went to gallery sit at fotofoto Gallery, and walking towards the door, amazingly, I found one blue/green magnificent marble in a crevasse in the cement.

My idea to shoot a new marble series was absolutely confirmed. I had a vision of where to purchase some new marbles, and as fate would have it, I found them hanging on a rack exactly where I envisioned them. Like a child in a candy store, the thrill of shooting the new series was a delight beyond measure – with a racing heartbeat as fuel. Every evening as I set the stage for my shoot, these marvelous marbles would become animated. Their animation illuminated my life and breathed air into my lungs with color, shape and magnetic radiance. A visual and heartfelt ballet. A sensory delight. These simply incredible spherical wonders would create, for me, a photographer’s Mardi Gras! Truly the antithesis of the past year synthesizing the reality of Covid. 
I invite you to dance with the messages conveyed within this series. What lies and is created from within always outshines what lies on the surface. The surface provides a suitcase, so to speak, with which we are all challenged to pack with the most vibrant color, sensation and emotion. These magical universes renewed a sense of wonder that had been deeply lost over the past year. Marbles are incredible messengers of light, form and reflection. Their uniqueness and ever-changing patterns wink for attention while locked in their spherical homes. They seem to mirror humanity.    

My vision is that “Spherical Magic” will be a bridge that will connect you to the ever-present Magic of Life.

Andrea M. Gordon, Photographer – Spherical Magic/2021