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Heroes and Villains: Photography by Victoria Shields
December 14, – January 6th,2024
Reception: Saturday, December 16, 5-7pm

Artist Statement

Hello and welcome to HEROES AND VILLAINS, my photography show here at fotofoto gallery. Every year I get to go to an amazing event called Comic Con where adults become kids again and all of us meet our Heroes. Let me take you inside a world where anything can become reality.

Artist Bio

Victoria Elizabeth is a transgender artist from Long Island NY and is a NY EMMY Award-Winning Photojournalist. She is influenced by photographers from the beginning of the 20th century … some we have lost their names to time … who used their cameras to capture what life was on the streets and in the towns and cities during that era.

Victoria Elizabeth is working as a news photographer here in New York. She has seen the worst and the best of the people here every day and is reminded of how amazing this thing called life is … seeing the sights and sounds and, more importantly, meeting the people. There’s a lot of positivity out here. Many of us go about our lives and never take that moment to step back and open our eyes to what’s right in front of us.