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Artist Statement:
I am grateful for the abundance in my life that allows me, in these difficult times, to continue to work as a photo artist sending my imagery into our world. These pears are a metaphor for the richness of life; they retain a unique visual energy; they have an attractive anthropomorphic shape that is symbolic of gratitude and good fortune. And finally, pears serve well as the simple basis of my experiments with form and light in an undefined space. 

Repetition and Variation:
I have been working to create these multiply processed prints since 2006, when I began using beautiful pears as a motif for visual explorations, refining and reprinting this imagery until this year’s “harvest” of prints in 2021. Each image began as a traditionally printed photogram – a cameraless contact print conceived and printed in a wet darkroom. Next, I painted some images with oil paints to enhance the composition. I digitally photographed each completed analog print and refined and edited each image before printing it on exhibition quality paper. As sculptor Henry Moore said, there is great pleasure in translating your work to another state. Changing my original analog work into larger digitally based prints has been challenging and exciting.  

Ennid Berger works on Long Island and in Key West and has been described as a “distinguished Long Island artist” (Newsday, 8/30/13). She uses her own photographic prints as her primary art medium, exploring the art forms of digital and traditional darkroom printing. She is fascinated by the spatial interplay of form and light. 
Ennid has exhibited extensively in solo and group shows across Long Island, including the Heckscher Museum of Art, the Parrish Art Museum and the Islip Museum of Art. She has been selected to exhibit in three Long Island Biennials. Ennid studied photography at the International Center of Photography and studied painting with renowned artists Robert Yasuda, Paul Pagk, Betty Holliday and Stan Brodsky. She is also the founder and director of the group of independent artists that has been meeting and exhibiting as the Critique Group of Long Island since 2009. 
ENNID BERGER ennber@gmail.com  @ennidberger