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Photography by Denis Otrovskiy

Rough Road

December 3, 2020 - January 2, 2021
Denis Ostrovskiy ROUCH ROAD Announcement Solo Show Dec 2020

Over the last year the people of New York, other states and the rest of the world, have endured a lot of hardship. The sudden change of the way we live and behave had a dramatic impact on our existence. We continue to face unexpected consequences of these changes every day. We have suffered personal tragedies which are not similar to each other. We do not know what to expect and when the feeling of impending calamities will leave as… But, life is still going on. We cannot be thrown off by this experience.
The photos I present were taken over the last year. They depict the fragments of an everyday life in New York. These observations are a clear indication of the upcoming normality and everlasting hope.

About the Artist:
Denis Ostrovskiy, a fotofoto gallery artist, is originally from Saint Petersburg, Russia. He developed his interests in wildlife and street photography over many years and enjoys passionate enthusiasm for wildlife and conservancy efforts. Although never trained as a fine artist, Ostrovskiy developed an interest in art history early in his life while exposed to one of the world’s finest art collections at the Hermitage Museum. Eventually, this influenced him to transform his hobby of photography into a passion for artistic development. His main interest is street photography, concentrating on candid street portraits depicting the subject’s character in an urban environment.
Ostrovskiy has exhibited his work on Long Island at the Art League of Long Island and fotofoto gallery and in the NYC area, including Salmagundi Art Club. He is a member of Long Island Center of Photography and Photography Club of Long Island.