EXPOsure 3 Group Photography Exhibition by fotofoto gallery Artists

June 1st- 27th - 2020

Artist Statements

Walking through Moorish Spain I came across the museum area and found some quite interesting architecture. All very modern. I walked a little further and found the greatest zoo I had ever seen. Walked a little further and found the old city gate. What a contrast between the two scenes and what a wonderful day of walking and shooting!
Covid19 not only quarantined my physical body-this unprecedented event ripped everything out from under me and put me into the depth of solitude never quite realized before. This journey has been like wearing shoes that are too small and walking for miles. It has given me the opportunity to understand what no longer fits in one’s life-the gift of growing into what truly feels right. As my images portray the difference between learning to fly or staying lost in an unprecedented world. Bio
As a fine art photographer, my camera gives me the ability to reveal to others the details I find in everyday subjects that often go unobserved. My strong desire to capture the interactions between human, environmental and industrial elements is realized through a geometric approach evident in the repetitive patterns and shapes frequently appearing in my images. I use extreme angles and heightened contrast to prompt the viewer to take a closer look and come away with a deeper appreciation of the "ordinary."
In the words of Henry David Thoreau, "The question is not what you look at, but what you see."
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