Liminal describes a transitional period where the order of acceptability is in flux and a new order of acceptance has not yet been established…kind of like Impressionism when it was first seen and not accepted or understood.American artist Pinkham Ryder’s quote about the inchwork dangling in mid-air groping for a foothold often comes to her mind as the complexity of Holly Gordon’s process and these photographic images have no established platform, label or descriptive vocabulary…and that is liminal. Technology is causing photography as we know it to change and her work is part of this change. Photo-Liminalism may even evolve into a new movement.Liminal was first used by a writer several years ago to describe Holly Gordon’s images in the debut of The Brush/lens Project, a collaborative exhibition with well-known North Shore Long Island watercolorist Ward Hooper. In 2019 a book on this collaboration will be published.fotofoto galleryfeatures a selection of Holly Gordon’s latest work and a few earlier pieces that hinted at what was to come, Photo-Liminalismruns from June 27 through July 28, 2018 with an opening reception and talk June 30thfrom 5-7pm.  This oldest fine art photography collective on Long Island is an established venue where serious photographers can present their personal visionThe starting point of each work is a photographic file organically develops through a series of layers applied to the base much like building a painting with glazes or washes. While there is no predetermined plan, her extensive art background and history guides the outcome. The original photographic files are a part of this exhibit to give the viewer insight into the starting point.

She is marching to her own drummer…and you should march to fotofoto gallery to see this breakthrough exhibition.