August Exhibit: “inappropriate appropriation” and “Street – Eight Months Along 14th Street”

Currently on exhibit at fotofoto gallery in Huntington, New York, Bernice Halpern Cutler and Thom O’Connor present two inspired bodies of photographic works.

Bernice Halpern Cutler fantasized about hanging her leftover pieces in the homes of celebrities.  When none of her attempts to accomplish this worked out, she decided instead to place them in beautiful rooms from Interior Design magazines.  Thus came the first series of appropriated art, “Borrowed Space.”  As she continued working in that manner her photographs developed into something a bit different than expected.  Eventually it didn’t seem to matter if the images she used were even hers.  By combining found images, as well as originals, into unlikely settings so came the second series she has entitled “inappropriate appropriation”.

Thom O’Connor‘s series takes us outside and onto the streets, or rather, one particular street in New York City.  Thom says, “I roamed up and down 14th Street in Manhattan, from the East River to the Hudson, photographing everything.  I shot mostly in the early morning light, and late in the day, as the sun was setting.  I produced more than 4000 images which, for me, is a very large number for one project.  The work covers fall, winter and spring along the street, and I’m planning on going back out in August to finish the cycle of seasons.”

“Street – Eight Months Along 14th Street” and “inappropriate appropriation” will be on display through August 31st.  A group show by gallery artists is also on exhibit.  As always, admission is free and open to the general public.  The gallery is located at 14 West Carver Street in downtown Huntington, NY.  Hours are Fridays from 5pm to 8pm, Saturdays from noon to 8pm, Sundays from noon to 4pm and by appointment.