Dolls, String Theories and “Shadow People” This March!

Beginning Friday, February 28th and running through Sunday, March 30th, FotoFoto Gallery presents works by Lois Youmans, Barry Feuerstein and Thom O’Connor.

Lois returns to photographing dolls with “Vitreous Humor – A Collection of Absurd Images”.  However, the battered antique dolls are now accompanied by medical illustrations from 1916. The illustrations are brightly colored, simple to understand, and unintentionally funny. The pairing of these objects results in strangely whimsical imagery without any pretense of having a deeper meaning. (Giggling is allowed.)


Accompanying Lois, Barry Feuerstein presents “Red & White Paintings & Photographs – El Vocio Existential”.  This series of paintings and photographs are inspired by themes of the universe;  particle physics, golden section and Fibonacci theory.  In the paintings Barry uses vibrant colors including copper, cadmium red and blue, as well as materials such as copper leaf and Chinese herbs to increase the physical and emotional intensity within the work.  The photographs serve to stimulate the imagination by speaking more to the subtle, spiritual quiet of color through magnified close-ups.


Rounding out the March exhibit will be new photographic works by Thom O’Connor – entitled “Hung Out To Dry”.  Thom started shooting the mid-winter streets of Manhattan, capturing the starkly elongated shadows created by the low angle of the morning sun.  Ignoring buildings and landmarks Thom began “stalking” pedestrians, capturing images of their shadows – minus the distracting humans.  Through the conversion of monochromatic images to surreal combinations of off-world colors, a new subculture was discovered.  “The Shadow People” is a noisy celebration of human activity in a flat, two-dimensional world.  Not unlike a week’s worth of just-laundered dish towels, these images have been strung on a rope line – wet clothes hung out to dry.  Though designed to be light and playful, these images also reveal a dark metaphor reminiscent of “Hiroshima Shadows”.



Also on display in the Members Gallery are additional works by foto foto gallery photographers.

Opening reception is Saturday, March 1st from 7pm – 9pm.


FotoFoto Gallery hours are Fridays 5p – 8p, Saturdays 12p – 8p, Sundays 12p – 4p, and by appointment.