Sandra Carrion & Lauren Weissler Exhibition

Dates: May 3 – 26
Reception May 4th 5-7pm

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Title: Sandy

Artist: Sandra Carrion
Sandra Carrion looks at one small aspect of the devastating hurricane that disrupted the lives of thousands of Long Islanders – Sandy. Carrion turns her lens to the tool chest of a friend’s father who lost the contents of her home and displaced her for over 6 months. In a series of still lifes, Carrion calls attention to the power of water and the power it has to alter objects once thought to be forever.
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Title: belle arme
Artist: Lauren Weissler

Ever since I was a little girl looking through magazines, I found it fascinating and exciting observing the beauty and sensuality of the female form. I noticed their presentations with prefect hair and makeup transforming them into works of art. Looking at these women as a child I tried to be as beautiful and glamorous as they were. As I got older, I could not help but think that there were other ways a woman might respond or react to their presentations. The most obvious to me are mixed feelings of admiration and lust.

Many women have to deal with their attraction to both men and women as part of their own sexuality. In a strange way, this allows us to see the female body as an art form to be appreciated or as a personal goal to emulate through its exploitation.

I remembered the days of looking through those glossy pages thinking how satisfying it would be to photograph these visions of perfection and create the imagery they projected to the public. The media uses sex and raw femininity to attract the consumer. I’ve chosen to show both their version and mine. The female body is the weapon for fashion; its visual presentation touches upon the very essence of sexual identity and self-worth.