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Pure Imagination - Photography by Paul Mele

Artists Exhibition Dates: July 1 – July 24, 2021
Artists’ Reception: Saturday, July  10th from 4-7 PM 

Bio/Artist Statement
 What began as a one-day workshop at the American Treasure Tour, took on a life of its own when I began meeting my new friends, “Rory,” “Mary Bell” and “Andy.” Over a span of two more visits, I ended up meeting others just like them. Inspiration truly took hold, and I felt just like a wide-eyed child running around with a camera in a world of “Pure Imagination.”

“Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional.” –  Carroll Bryant

As children, we rely on our imagination to take us to make-believe places, to meet people we never really met and experience things beyond our young understanding of the world around us. We project stories onto the objects we hold most sacred as children…our toys. We name them, take them on adventures and introduce them as if they are as real as we are. We live through them. Their world is pure.
We grow older, and our world changes. Priorities shift, and we lose part of that imaginative innocence that once came so easily. It can become locked away along with our inner child, but it can never truly be stamped out.

I invite you all to make some new friends, give them names, make up stories, and become a child again.