Andrea M. Gordon

Andrea M. Gordon, Photographer/ Licensed Massage Therapist has a passion for the sensory aspects of life.  She feels blessed with the truth that her hands have helped many clients over the past 33 years out of pain and her digital images have moved her viewers to embrace their own sensory selves-“you take the ordinary and make it extraordinary” as expressed by one of her purchasers at an exhibit.  Andrea comes from a design background as her great grandfather was a designer and her mother a pastel artist.  “My eyes see the world and with a stroke of my camera I can freeze a moment in time and capture what it evokes from both a sensory and visual perception forever.” My joy and vision is to share these “moments of life” with whomever wants to join me.  Throughout my massage therapy career my hands have become my “eyes” and “ears” and I wish to continue to touch the world with the images I capture through my camera lens.