Gallery North – Local Color

FotoFoto member Ray Germann is one of the featured artists in Gallery North’s  “Local Color exhibition” On display June 7th. through June 28th. Gallery North is one of the premier art venues on Long Island.

Rosalie frost-Seeing the Unseen

Fotofoto Gallery is pleased to announce that Rosalie Frost’s image “Turtle Pond” is on exhibit at SOHO PHOTO  |  15 White Street  |  New York, NY 10013  |  212.226.8571 May 8 – June 1,2013 Seeing the Unseen: Equivalence in Photography.A special exhibition curated by John Paul Caponigro and Alison Hoornbeek Featuring guest artist John Paul Caponigro and 13 Soho Photo artists. …

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SPARKBOOM Opening Event

New York Underground Photographs by Richard Gardner The main objective of the artist/photographer Richard Gardner is to translate explicit reality, that which is perceived by the naked eye, into a new personal truth – a reality implicit through the subconscious. New York City and especially its subway has always been a gritty, blurry tableau. This …

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Understanding The Aperture

The most fundamental element any photographer should understand is aperture. The aperture is the physical opening within your lens that allows light through to the sensor (or film in an older camera). The wider the aperture opening, the more light can pass through, and vice versa. The size of the opening, which is regulated by …

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